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Usernames explained

The username must be unique to each BOFA user.


Each parent must have a unique username.

Each parent needs to receive invoices and notifications, therefore an email address is required.

If you need to reset this then go to the forgotten your password page.


Pupils do NOT need an email address for their username, but if they DO then the pupil can reset their password on the forgotten your password page.

Otherwise the username must be unique, i.e. not being used by another bofa pupil.

  • Good examples of usernames are: baines1234, andrew234 etc.

  • Bad examples of usernames are: baines, andrew etc.

  • They are cAse-SensaTivE

If a pupil does not have an email username they must ask their parent or tutor to change their password.  The parent will need to log in to their own account then select the edit button next to the pupil.


Each teacher must have a unique username and needs to receive notifications, as such an email address is required. If a teacher needs to reset their password they can go to the forgotten your password page.